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BOTÁR László

Miercurea Ciuc, 1959

designer, grafician


In 1978 he graduates the Music and Visual Arts High School at Târgu Mureş. In 1984 he graduates the IonAndreescu Visual Arts Academy at Cluj Napoca at design major. He works as a designer for years (in the tractor factory in Miercurea Ciuc, at different companies:
Syrinx Kft, BPM System Kft, Ambient Team Kft). In this period, until 2003, he is the president of the Harghita Visual Arts team. At the present he is the visual art coordinator of the Cultural Center of Harghita County. He is a member of several associations and groups: the Romanian National Association of Fine Arts (since 1990), the Assotiation Internationale des Arts Plastique at Paris, and the Barabás Miklós Céh (since 1994) and the Universal Association of Hungarian Fine Arts at Stockholm (since 1995). He is a founding member of Studio 9 visual artists’ group, he is a guest of several visual arts camps. He took part at a great number of exhibitions, both national and international ones, with his graphical works. His public works can be found in Miercurea Ciuc, in Sâncrăieni and in salt mine of Praid.

Artistic Message

„Art is a miraculous coincidence of effort, talent and imagination.” Liberty and destiny together give sense to human life. The independent artist has the firm aim of following his destiny by constantly renewing his work of art. Botar Laszlo - by his permanent search for modern artistic language, by his persevering experimenting of new techniques, by his untiring imagination - has become a remarkable landscape-painter of Harghita county. He came out as a member of the „Atelier 35” Group (1 982) and later as a graduate of the „Ion Andreescu” Academy of Fine Arts, Cluj (1984). His first compositions designed for public institutions presented him as a modern artist with original conceptions, interested in expressing ideas, decorative and functional elements in perfect harmony. Gradually the industrial designer has developed into an independent artist. His works of art presented at individual or collective exhibitions, sent to national and international competitions show how Botar Laszlo has cultivated his personal artistic means of expression, how he has come to maturity. Learning from the universal classical values and respecting his masters’ teaching (Nagy Pal, Torok Pal, Barabas Eva, Bordi Geza, Salvanu Virgil, Cheptea Savel), he has developed his own original style. Even his early works - mainly landscapes - are not the slavish imitations of reality but the subjective recreations of it. The paintings of the 1987-1988 period - dominantly in brown - fascinate the spectator with their peaceful, lyrical atmosphere. The still lives and landscapes captivate us with their calm - and in the same time - stirring lines. This duabity, as well as the play of lights and shadows give the painting a special, subtle rhythm. The individual exhibition in 1 995 brought a great surprise for Botar’s admirers. He changed his theme and technique. The exposed oil-paintings like: Remembrance, Window to the World, Gesture in Red, The Three Solitaries, Mirror, Old Fellow, Woman without Flowers, Nest, Suffering, Dream, Truth, Triangles, Crying Bird, Crowned Hen - thanks to the disquieting presence of living beings - have become dominated by humaneness. Botar’s ardent need for work and for self-expression explain his presence at the fine art events in the country and abroad. The poetic and symbolic content of his work and his message explain his professional success and appreciation. His works are a skillful combination of grotesque and bizzare, of subtle and unquiet. Women-Windows was the title of the recent individual exhibition. The 42 exposed paintings - all created with mixed technique -present the artist as being a shocking, post-modern creator. They prove as well that Botar Laszlo continues experimenting with forms and colours. The chosen motives - Eroticism - Windows - have already been developed many times by unnumerable artists / poets, musicians, painters. But the way in which Botdr Laszlo treats them is captivating. „Each painting is - above all - a starting point from one sphere to another one” - declares the painter. This idea is fully proved by the females presented in these paintings. The Window cycle genuinely proves that art is a production of human soul. When combining the colours, Botar Laszlo seems to add to this combination a bit of his soul. These paintings - Window in Red, Blue Window, Another Window - are real mirrors of a dream-world, „certificates” of the visible existence. They express man’s eternal doubt, his constant and endless search for certitude. While reproducing his ideas and feelings, the artist reproduces as well beauty and emotion.
1998 Nicolae I. Bucur

Home place: 530 213 Miercurea Ciuc, Revolutia din decembrie 36/A/3; Romania                                     Email:; 


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